We believe music is powerful and that there is a great need in the world for refrains and melodies to sing and shout from rooftops that reflect expanding conversations around sex, relationships, love, and families.

We love popular music, but wish it had different lyrics much of the time, lyrics that acknowledge and celebrate the complexities of how people experience all kinds of love. We want to know what people all over the country think about sex and love and relationships and popular music, and we know we can only find out if we ask them. We care about going beyond hypothesizing about the dreams, love, pain, and fears of people we have never met, we want to actually meet.

Throughout the fall of 2013, we drove across the country speaking and singing with people (in their own living rooms!) about their values and conceptions of love and family. We talked with people who spend a lot of time thinking about these issues, as well as people who have never had a conversation about sex or birth or what love means in their own lives.

We want to engage with everyone everywhere, but we started with 10 different U.S. cities: Detroit, Chicago, Missoula, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, New Orleans, and Asheville. We did 3-5 house concert/conversations in each city.

We started with seeds of some songs, but the conversations sparked in these house concerts informed how those songs evolve, and the new songs we wrote were shaped by the stories and perspectives we encountered along the way.

We are passionate about singing and sharing with people inside their homes, because we believe those are spaces where people feel most comfortable and safe to talk and laugh and sing. We are inspired by other performers who have played in people’s homes. We are inspired by the people who welcome performers into their living rooms. We hope that someday everyone will have had a stranger come to their home to play music, or share a skill, or show a film. We hope many people will surprise themselves by becoming that stranger.

We now have a whole album of songs to share (official release: 6/21/15) and hopefully have been part of conversations that will generate more conversations in turn. In the end, we hope there is no end to the spaces that are opened up in homes and in people to talk about what feels right in the world and what can be changed. In the end, this is just a start. Let’s start.

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