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Growing Home


Last week, we found ourselves in Stephanie’s hometown, Chicago. We played shows in the suburbs of Rollings Meadows, the farmlands of Marseilles, and in 2 of the more than 200 neighborhoods of Chicago. 

In Marseilles, we received a warm welcome from some of the folks from Growing Home and their neighbors. Growing Home provides job training in organic farming for people who face obstacles to employment because they’ve been incarcerated or dealt with homelessness or substance abuse. We arrived at the end of a training semester. Nearly every participant had already left the farm because they had already found jobs. Those working taught me how to harvest and clean radishes. They also gave us a bunch of vegetables, including a stalk of corn that grew from a Ugandan seed.

We’ve eaten most of those vegetables, but they have also been gifted along the way: beets to Amy in Lincoln Square, and carrots to Birdie the sweetest pit bull. We attempted to give the corn to Jez and his mom in Bismarck, South Dakota after they made us a delicious quiche, but it seemed to be too soft to eat.

So the corn continues on the journey with us. Stephanie recalled a proverb that says if you open a corn husk and find something other than corn inside you will know the world is going to end.

So we’re going to open it up and assess that situation on a mountaintop in Missoula. We’ll let you know the outcome.

In the meantime, the government is still shutdown

(we’ve been wondering about other travelers we’ve seen on the midwest highways who were probably headed to national state parks and are now left in a state of limbo, perhaps forever roaming I-94, taking photos of the plains and dreaming of glaciers)

and we drive on to Montana. 




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