Album Release Party and the Premiere of New Music Videos!

LSFTROU rachelwithcrowd
Hello Everyone!
We are excited to announce that the Love Songs for the Rest of Us album is making it’s grand debut on June 21st!
For those of you in New York, come to a big old dance party that night to celebrate with us!
And for those of you elsewhere, we still have so much we want to share with you!
In addition to all the music from the tour, the album contains two new songs inspired by conversations we had on the road about enthusiastic sexual consent and the idea that “you’re invited to be all of who you are,” sexually and otherwise.
In April, we gathered a crew of our heroes and filmed two music videos that involved crowds of people dancing in schools, parks, and the streets.  We’ll be premiering them the night of the release party and we can’t wait for you to see them!
We are writing now to invite you to the party and also to invite you to help us cross the finish line.

Please check out this link and consider:

  • buying an advance ticket to the party,
  • pre-ordering the album, if you haven’t already 
  • and/or contributing an additional (tax-deductible!) donation of any amount 
Here are the party details:
June 21st
the 4th floor of West Park Presbyterian Church
(165 W. 86th St, enter through the side door on 86th St)
Buy your ticket now to get a discounted rate!
 For those of you who already bought a copy of the album way back when you gave money for the tour, (thanks for your patience!), it will be in your inbox shortly after the party in June. 
We have poured our hearts into this new music, and we are eager to share these celebrations of the joy and sexiness of enthusiastic consent and true sexual freedom with you and the rest of the world!
With love,
Jillian and Stephanie

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