Want to dance in the streets with us in celebration of the sexiness of enthusiastic consent and the idea that “you’re invited to be all of who you are”?

Oh good! We thought so. Yes please!


Come be in the Love Songs for the Rest of Us music videos!

In short:

Saturday, April 11th, 2015

noon-4pm (with optional story circles to follow)

in downtown Brooklyn

  • “How I Like It” is intended to be an antidote to rape culture as the most joyous, sexiest song about enthusiastic consent (hip hop awesomeness).
  • “No Shame” is the song we wish had existed for a young person who is dear to us before they attempted suicide after coming out as queer at age 14 (it’s a little like “it gets better” but inclusive of kink and asexuality and so on and so on).
  • Both songs involve hundreds of people dancing in the streets. We have a dream team film crew, and we have a super intense PR/media strategy – we have high hopes of these having super wide reach and impact!

Email, and we’ll send you all the info.

You can hear the songs (How I Like It, and No Shame) here if you’d like.

More in depth:

The heart of Love Songs for the Rest of Us is to widen the circles of authentic conversation about love, sex, and family in a gentle and inviting way. We want to hold space for talking about what is often difficult to talk about, and we want to be a part of creating the culture of openness and wholeness that we would like to see. We developed the songs in conversation with people all across the country in a series of house concerts in 2013, and we are releasing the album and two music videos this summer.

The music videos we are making are the part of all this that will have the widest reach, and the songs were born out of the conversations we had on tour. One was written with the intention to powerfully subvert (and pose alternatives to) rape culture by making the sexiest possible song about enthusiastic consent. This will feature 15-20 young people. We are in touch with faculty at Brooklyn Tech and the Brooklyn School of the Arts, as well as BK-based young women associated with the Spark Movement and TORCH. The choreography will be built in collaboration with the teenagers in the video, and the video will culminate in over a hundred people joining them in the dance.

The other video is of the song that we wish had existed for a young queer person who is dear to us before they attempted suicide at age fourteen. It is an anthem about transcending shame, focusing on the idea: “you’re invited to be all of who you are”. The video will track a young genderqueer person from a moment of isolation to hundreds of people (of all different backgrounds) walking in solidarity with, and celebration of, them.

Both videos will involve a crowd of at least a hundred people (including YOU, we hope!), and one of them includes a crowd-sourced video campaign intended to engage as many people as possible. We plan to reach out to the diverse community of downtown Brooklyn’s schools, community centers and neighborhood associations to connect with and include as many people as possible for the filming.

We’ve got an amazingly talented team including director Rachel Chavkin, cinematographer Andrew Schneider, and production manager Tegan Ritz McDuffie.

Email us at if you want in!

We’d love to see you there!


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